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    ESM C Electronic selector module

    DTR - Distronic

    Motor Electronics


    SBC C Sensortronic brake control

    ESP C Electronic stability program

    AIRmatic C AIRmatic C ABC

    TPC C Tire pressure monitor



Information and Communication

    ICM C Instrument cluster

    SCM C Steering column module

    PTS C Parktronic system

    Audio, Video, Navigation and Telematics

    Air Conditioning

    AAC C Automatic Air Conditioning

    REAR AC C Rear Air Conditioning

    STH C Stationary heater

    HSW C Heated Steering Wheel



    AB C Airbag

    BNS C Vehicle power supply control module

    CGW C Central gateway

    EIS C Electronic ignition switch / KG C Keyless Go (Special equipment)

    HRA C Automatic headlamp range adjustment and headlamp control

    OCP C Overhead control panel

    CRN C Center roof node

    VBF (Front control panel) C Front control panel

    HBF (Rear control panel) C Rear control field

    PSE C Pneumatic system equipment

    Dr C side SAM C Driver signal acquisition and actuation module

    Pass Cside SAM C Passenger C side signal acquisition and actuation module

    Rear SAM 1 C Rear signal acquisition and actuation module 1

    Rear SAM 2 C Rear signal acquisition and actuation module 2

    RVC CRollover bar/vario roof control module

    System diagnosis (only interior CAN fault)

    SVMCM C Special vehicle multifunction control module

    Refrigerator box


Seats and Doors

    DCM C FL C Door control module front left

    DCM C FR C Door control module front right

    DCM C RL CDoor control module rear left

    DCM C RR C Door control module rear right

    PWC C Partition wall control module

    LDCA C Electric left door closing assist

    RDCA C Electric right door closing assist

    ESA CFL CElectric seat adjustment front left

    ESA C FR C Electric seat adjustment front right

    ESA C LR C Left rear electric seat adjustment

    ESA C RR C Right rear electric seat adjustment

    OSB C FL C Multicontour backrest front left

    OSB C FR C Multicontoru backrest front right

    MKL CHL CRear left multicontour backrest

    MKL C HR C Rear right multicolour backrest

    TLC C Trunk lid control


Actual values



Specified Value

Actual Values



Engine speed





B28 (Intake manifold pressure sensor)





Ignition angle





Throttle valve angle





Injection time, right





Injection time, left





Purge control





On/Off ratio of purge control






    Air pump switchover valve, electric air pump (usa), Euro3, Euro4, D4

    Fuel injectors

    Throttle valve actuator

    Fuel pump

    Purge control valve

    Activated charcoal canister shut-off valve (usa)

    EGR vacuum transducer

    Mixture adaptation

    Electric sanction fan for engine or air conditioning

    Ignition circuit shutoff T1/x (ignition coils)

    Variable intake manifold switchover valve


Initial Startup

    Initial startup with automatic takeover of settings of previous control unit

    Initial startup with manual settings input for new control unit
   For example: The previous control unit can no longer be read.


Control Unit Adaptations

    Virson coding

    First initialization

    Correction programming


    Control module programming


Correction programming


    Fuel quantity

    Idling specified speed with selector lever in position P or N

    Idling specified speed with gear engaged

    CO setting for vehicles without TWC

    Dwelll time

    Desensibilize shutoff thredshold of smooth engine running

    Electric suction fan for engine or air conditioning

    Cylinder shut-off